Button to copy a template doc

Anyone know if it’s possible to add a button or link in a template that will create a new document from a template?

I find myself going to this template multiple times a day and clicking “Copy Doc.” I’d like to be able to add that “Copy Doc” button directly to my document, but it looks like that button isn’t a simple hyperlink.

If there is a url scheme that will create a copy of a document from an existing document, I haven’t discovered it.


Did you ever find a solution to this @DSB?

We don’t have the at the moment, but it is a really cool idea.

I ended up using @Daniel_Stieber’s Alfred workflow to accomplish the same thing: CodAlfred - The Alfred Workflow for Coda.


Hi there! We launched a “copy doc” action that you can use in buttons a few weeks ago, and we’ve also made it even easier to build, manage, share, and work with templates in Coda today! [Launched] Custom templates: drag, drop, and slash your way