Launched: New Button Type - Copy Doc

We’ve had a number of ways to copy a doc in our product for some time. You can copy a doc from your workspace doc list, from the title of a doc or from the “Copy Doc” call to action on published docs with copying enabled.

But at Coda, one of our values is “Right over Familiar.”

And we couldn’t ignore the trend we saw in docs published to the Doc Gallery where the author includes some text explaining how to copy their doc so that a reader may use and customize it. So today, we’re adding another option for copying docs that can live in-line with your text, tables and views: a “Copy Doc” button type.

Screen Recording 2020-06-24 at 09.08 AM

You can insert and configure this button just as you would other buttons like “Add Row,” "Notify User,” and “Open Hyperlink.” It is available for insertion via the / command as well as the Explore panel.

You can use the Copy Doc button type in private docs, docs you use to collaborate with your team or published docs. As with other buttons, users will need to sign in to Coda in order to interact with the copy doc button.

We hope this makes it even more intuitive for your doc viewers and editors to know when and how to copy your great docs!


Great work! This would be a great function for copying a page too!


This is an interesting feature!
Could some other action be done before the copy?
Then one could generate different docs from just one!
i’m thinking that for me this could be game-changer because my users could have their “app” localized in their language while copying it! or different user could have different data into the copied version!
I want more about this :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

UPDATE: yeah this can be done using other button obv :exploding_head:
This is really useful thanks!!!
Update 2: it works also in “published” mode, this is amazing, for me it’s basically an auto-reset, pre-copy configurator :star_struck:
(p.s. it works also with the “disable copy” option turned on, in future some sort of block would be precious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

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copying a page with a button and copying a different doc with a button are on our list, no ETA yet but hopefully soon :slight_smile:


Building an internal template gallery is the first thing that came to mind, and would only be possible if you allowed for the copying of other docs.

Any idea if formal support for internal (team) templates is on the horizon?

Very cool! This will really help out in the Doc Gallery!

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Hey Chris, as above we’re working on the ability to copy other docs :slight_smile:

What do you mean in terms of formal support for internal team templates? We support publishing to just your email domain for companies.

Love that the Coda team was proactive and added this based on trends observed.

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Time to scavenge Coda for new hidden formulas :wink:



Y’all have a public doc gallery where you choose which templates to feature, and include many of those as part of the slash command.

I’d love to be able to have an internal template gallery for my company and have the ability to choose some predefined templates as slash commands that we can use.

But in lieu of that, having the ability to create our own gallery / directory using the copy other doc feature would be a good start.

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Totally hear you :slight_smile: we’d love this as well…watch this space

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@Mario I think allowing both Copy options to operate independently as it does now is a good re. the precious block

@David.Greenwood yeah you are possibly right :slight_smile:
It’s not a problem to deal with those options now, but in future when public doc (docs with mainly non-coda users) will be more popular a more precise control should be integrated in my opinion :slight_smile:

So perhaps best to make it an option :slight_smile:

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