Launched: Disable doc copy

Maybe we’ve been in the doc game for too long, but there’s something precious about what you can make with just a few Coda building blocks. Sometimes, it’s the elusive single source of truth your People & Ops team has been chasing for months. Perhaps it’s the company-wide product roadmap or maybe it’s the no-code app you’ve built for a client. It’s magic, not because of the fancy buttons or automations, but because it’s your ideas come to life. So it’s important that there are ways to keep it safe.

It’s why I’m excited to introduce a new sharing setting: the ability to disable doc copy.

Now, you can share your docs knowing the information will stay safe at home. Editors, viewers, and commenters will no longer have the option to copy the doc, including from the top left-hand corner of the doc or via a Copy Doc button. If the doc is shared with commenters or viewers, they cannot copy and paste the contents of your doc.

A few notes:

  • You must be the doc owner to change this setting!
  • Docs are automatically created with Copy on . To disable copy, click Share in the top-right hand bar and navigate to your Advanced Settings to the appropriate toggle.
  • If your doc is published to our Doc Gallery, the Copy Doc button in the upper-right hand will no longer appear when doc copy is disabled.
  • Disabling Copy Doc will also disable the ability to Make doc into a template in the top left-hand corner of the doc

We’ve seen how deep your docs can go and we know the trust you put into us. We hope this new feature is an easy way to protect your hard work!


Hooray! Thanks for this!!

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Yes !!! Thanks Coda team! I’ve been waiting for this one :slight_smile:

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Great news!! A lot of us creators have been waiting for this functionality for a long time! All of us at Coda Makers are very happy to get this news!
Thanks Coda team

This creates an amazing foundation for Makers to invest more into their intellectual property and receive value from it!! :partying_face: and something I’ve wanted for years!! :calendar:

This increases the value of Coda and docs tremendously :moneybag:

Thank you :pray:



But I guess it’ll make it harder to copy things for most users.


Very nice. Thank you for implementing this!

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years waiting for this!!

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I hate to post the same message as above, but yes yes yes, thank you. This makes me very happy!


OMG this is so important. Thank you so much!!

After building some streamlined and kick-ass company and project tools that is now part of our secret sauce, this is great to see. Nice!

Awesome! Is there a way to disable all of the copy buttons for all docs in our workspace at once?

Thank you,

Hi @Sonny_S ,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any bulk capability for changing the sharing settings on your docs today.

Thank you! :clap: This is a huge win. Now if I can just find that “change all docs” in all folders option.

Y’all are awesome!