BUG? Button to copy text in shared (can view) doc not copying

I’m sharing a doc with users through email (“can view”). The share settings are all toggled off (can’t change permissions and share, can’t copy the doc, viewers can’t request edit access).

I have a button in this doc that the user can press to copy the text given by a formula in the canvas - the button’s formula is: CopyToClipboard([dossier 8].totext())

If the user opens the doc in Chrome, he presses the button and the text gets copied to the clipboard. If he uses Safary, he gets a message “Are you sure you want to copy the following text to your clipboard?” - he says yes and the text gets copied to the clipboard. If he uses Firefox he gets the message “Copy has been disabled by the doc owner”, followed by “Content copied to clipboard”… except nothing gets copied.

Is it a bug? Or what am I doing wrong?


Hey @Filipa_Didier, I think it’d be helpful if we could see an example doc. Can you share it here with editing permissions? Feel free to reach out directly to support@coda.io if you prefer.

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