Protect the Share or Copy Doc function for the upcoming permission feature

Hi Codas,
Recently I came across a particular need from several potential “New Coda Customers”.
It turned out that sometimes it’s extremely important to protect data inside a doc and/or other times the whole doc itself. The reason is that the doc can contain several “sensitive” data and it should not be shared/copied around…

They are asking (and wondering) whether the possibility to prevent the copy/share a doc will come in the Permission Settings for the Team Plan…I think this is very important for companies/teams and permission should manage that!

@BenLee FYI… I don’t know if you are involved personally about this features about permissions but please share this to the right product(project) managers… :pray:


Hi @Francesco_Pistillo,

These are definitely items that we are thinking about and exploring ways to implement. For situations where there is data that cannot be shared in a doc, Cross-doc might be a good alternative. In the original doc, create a view of the table to be shared and hide any columns you don’t want to be visible in the new doc. Then in the new doc, when you sync it over, any hidden data in the first doc is not retrievable in any way.

Locking, permissions, and protection are difficult for a multitude of reasons and not really something a simple toggle can take care of. One example is thinking through what’s available through formulas within the doc if some data is there but shouldn’t be used.

Here is a better post explaining some of these items and the hurdles we need to consider while building this out…

I know this doesn’t answer everything for you as it is all still a work in progress as we explore the best ways to implement these solutions. Your feedback is definitely heard and we’ll keep moving forward with it!


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Connecting some dots :point_right: - Codans Jaime & Maria answer on this topic @ 25:15 to 28:00 & 43:15 to 47:00

@Francesco_Pistillo was the person who asked the question in the webinar @ 25:15

@BenLee hey is there a way to prevent a document from being copied? I want to invite someone to work on it but dont want them to be able to wholesale copy all the data. I am aware of crossdoc but that isn’t the solution to this.

Right now we don’t have that feature. It’s something that’s being discussed though.

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OK so I understand @BenLee - locking, hiding, view-only permissions - all of these still allow a user that has any access to a doc to duplicate the whole thing? Thanks for helping me it is easier for your advice than for me to try to gametheory and try out all the possible permuations.

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