Updatable templates

Hello there,

I don’t think what I’m asking is possible but I might as well ask !

I’m part of a web agency and we use different tool when doing project management :

  • Beebole for time tracking
  • Jira for task tracking
  • Coda for monthly report.

In coda we create one doc for each project we create.
In this doc we try to follow every evolutions of the projects.

I have created one doc “template” and when we have a new project we duplicate this doc and rename it to set the correct project name.

Up until there, it works pretty good.
Problem is :

**If I want to add a new column for example, or a button, then I have to go on each of the doc that have been duplicated and change the docs there. **

Is it possible to have a way to modify the template, and that the modifications spread to the duplicated pages ?

I’m pretty sure this is not possible but if it is … it would be magic !

Hi @Thoma_BIGUERES1 ,
well, yes: that would definitely be magic :grimacing:

Unfortunately this is not possible.
However you can work with views of the same table with a discriminant column (Project) that acts as a filter.

That way you’d have many views of the same (master-) table and wherever you are modifying it, all the changes will be simultaneous.

Let me know if this is not clear to you.


Thats also what I was thinking of !
I will check what’s the best solution here :wink:

Thanks a lot


While this doesn’t directly address your issue, I did want to share that we’ve made it easier to build and share templates with your team today!

This new feature won’t retroactively update past uses of templates, but you can formally create something as a template and edit it for future use at any time.