How to create custom in-doc templates?

Hi, Im trying to create a custom template and am having trouble figuring out how to do this. I thought this functionality must exist, instead of only being able to use the Coda published templates in-doc.

I am specifically trying to create a “meeting template” to be used in a running page of related meetings. As in, for each new meeting, the user does /new-meeting or similar while being able to see the last few meetings right below in the same page.

Does this make sense and are we able to create custom in-doc templates?


Hi @Adam_Kirsh,

Welcome to the community!

We get this request a lot and it’s something we do want to provide at some point, but I don’t have an ETA at the moment. We know this is a big want and we’re taking the steps needed to get there.

For now, the drag-and-drop templates are the Coda created ones. For custom ones, I’ve created a doc and added [TEMPLATE] to the name so I can search my templates easily. Then I copy and paste a table or template into the new doc.

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