Using a button to create a new document from a custom template?

Maybe a silly question but can i use duplicatepage to create a new page from a custom template - or another solution is can i use a slash comman in button actions?

I am trying to create a custom document for a person based on a custom template.
I can use duplicate page to create the page in a document, manually use / commands to add the custom template - but would like to do this from a table with a button

Am I pushing this too far?

I don’t think the duplicatepage() function can create a page using a saved ‘custom template’ right now.

But you could just have copies of the page templates within your doc, and have the duplicate page function copy them from there. I do things like this for a few docs.

So instead of saving your template using Coda’s template system, you just save it as a normal page somewhere in your doc, maybe a hidden folder, and call it something like [Template] - xxxxxxxx, and then just have that page be the page duplicatepage() duplicates with your button

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