Create a new table from a button

Hi there!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a table from a button using formula?

I have a template that contains two tables: one that must have duplicated data and another that’s a view of an existing table. However, when duplicating a page, you can either duplicate table data, or view data, you can’t do both. My solution is to add a button to create the duplicated table after the page has been duplicated by the user… But I have no idea how to create said button.

Hey Stian, I think this a great feature request! (Moving your post to the Suggestion Box)
Creating a table or a view from a button sounds like a very cool idea, but is not yet supported by Coda.


Hey Kyleigh!

Thanks for moving the post. I’m not sure how other organizations work with Coda, but for us it would greatly reduce unnecessary repetitive tasks. It makes all our docs easier to maintain.

Just wanted to note, that literally yesterday I got a use case for this feature.

If it would be possible to have a button that creates a table from template, that would be cool.

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