Beta: Custom templates

25,000+ teams are running on Coda, ritualizing their templates and processes in scaleable ways. Now, our team’s been thinking of ways to make creating and sharing those rituals more accessible.

We took inspiration from the app-like docs you’ve created and shared, and have been working on custom templates . Our goal is to help you share your greatest hits ー impeccable project briefs, automated launch calendars, crisp PRDs ー with your team in template form, so they can get started quickly. We’ve been hard at work and would love your help beta testing before our upcoming launch.

To sign up for the beta, just fill out this Coda form by December 31, 2020. We’ll email you in January when the beta is live. Here’s to a new year of new features!


Thanks Jasmine our team has been talking about this for ages! I’ve signed up :slight_smile:


This looks really cool except it looks like it’s only for brand new docs. I really really need a way to save/template a set of pages and subpages for already existing docs…!!!


Yeah - would love to be able to have a template for frequently used component sets (like you guys currently have enabled with slash commands)


E.g. I have a doc for

Thing 1

Thing 2

Thing 3

that are all the same type.

Suddenly I have a new page/subpage structure i’d like to add to all 3. I need a template for that.

And next-level what i really want is embedded pages, because sometimes it’s just a copy of the same page i want to add to all 3.

<3 the work keep it up


Yaaasssssssss :raised_hands:

Have been wanting this!!

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Great, just signed up. Looking forward :wave:


This is great, @Jasmine_Jones1!
Please, add me up.


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So how does this relate to doc copying? Is this just a convenient way to copy certain docs or is there more to it than that?

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Yesss, I am waiting for it for a long time. And of course want to be a beta tester. Thank you :+1:t2:

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I didn’t comment when I signed-up for this exciting beta :grin: :tada: , but I just wanted to add a : Thank You for all your hard work :grin: :+1: !!!

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Excellent!! I am excited to try this out.

Please, let us use templates for creating sub pages too!


Another vote for templates for subpages :point_up_2:


thanks for adding me to Beta : Custom templates

Thank you Jasmine! I know I’m late to the party! Any way to still get added? THANK YOU!