Modify Row In New Table Just Created

Hello! I am making a marketing project management document, and I am running into a slight snag. I have taken an existing template that works quite well, but I would like to add a component. The template is here - Coda | A new doc for teams.. When a new project is created it triggers a BRIEF button. When that button is clicked it creates a copy of an brief template that includes a TASK table. Unfortunately, when you edit the TASK table in your new project doc, it edits the master TASK table. I want to group by Project. However, what I need is the Project to be auto assigned when a new brief is created. Can I create a button that is triggered after clicking the BRIEF button which modify’s a row in the TASK table of the new brief and assigns the Project name? This would allow me to filter by Project name. Does this make sense?

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Kindly update the sharing settings, the doc to become available to anyone with the link :innocent:

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