Launched: Improvements for copying Cross-doc tables

With more ways to scale your amazing docs and workflows—including our recent updates to support duplicate page actions and custom templates—we realized copying and working with Cross-doc tables could be smoother.

Previously, when you copied a Cross-doc table created with someone else’s credentials, you were prompted to re-authenticate access to the original table before you could work with your data. Now, Coda will attempt to detect your credentials and automatically set you up if you have access to the original table. If you don’t have access, we’ll show a notification letting you know (so you can bug your colleagues for permission to the underlying doc).

We’re always looking for ways to remove obstacles and simplify working with Coda. This is just one of the ways we plan to make Cross-doc more powerful for you—whether you’re using Cross-doc tables in templates, published docs, or collaborative docs with your team.

A few fun use cases I’m personally excited that this helps enable are scenarios where you want a single data table to act as a global source of truth. You could imagine publishing a March Madness doc that uses Cross-doc to sync in the updated standing of teams from a “March Madness Data” doc. Copies of your published doc would now update with the live March Madness results whenever you update the data doc. For teams, you might imagine creating a project management template that uses Cross-doc to sync in your company’s OKRs. Anywhere you use that template, you would get a live-view of your OKRs from the original source. I’m excited to see what other fun scenarios y’all are able to come up with!


Yay! This is nice, I’ve run into this limitation before.

Question about cross doc, is there a button that can refresh cross-doc tables, yet? If I have a doc with multiple cross-doc tables, is there a way to refresh them all with the click of a button?


Wow! This is possibly a new way to let people play with your data!
What type of access to the original doc is needed?


OK so you have doc A with table AT and you crossdoc that to doc B resulting in BT. Now anyone with access to B can create a new doc C and copy/paste BT into C creating CT? Is that the new functionality?


When they copy BT into doc C, they’ll need access to AT in order to create a Cross-doc table to AT, so the underlying source of the sync table in C is AT, not BT. We considered making it more lenient with just access to BT, but we were worried about unintentionally leaking AT more broadly than you wanted. Let us know if you have feedback!


the same access as you would for normal cross-doc! view access to the underlying table in that doc. If you want to allow copies to perform Cross-doc actions on a Team+ tier then you’ll need to grant edit access too. In the case of the March Madness example I gave above, you’d need to grant view access to “anybody with a link” in the “March Madness Data” doc that has the underlying data.

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Excited to see you use the feature and feel free to write in with any feedback!

Unfortunately, we don’t have support for that yet, but we’ve heard the requests for it and are tracking this!