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I am starting my own nutrition coaching business and I thought it would be useful to track all of this in coda. I currently made a doc that will be shared with my customers as well as a CRM type doc that tracks all the information from the customers docs into one doc.

I have a few databases in the “customer template doc”. I know that using cross docs I can make sure that whenever I update something in the template doc, the update also shows up in all the personal docs of the customers.

However, everytime I copy the customer template doc when I onboard a new customer, I need to drag the database table into the new doc and I also need to go through the entire doc to change the formulas in the tables that use information from the main database. If I dont do this, I just have a copy of the current database table that does not sinc with the main database table. So whenever I would add new stuff there I would have to go to each and every doc and update it there as well.

Is there a way around this?

@Paul_Danyliuk made a Pack for doing what you want I think:

I also wish it was a bit easier natively as this hub-and-spoke model is a common use case I think.

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Thanks this is what I was looking for.

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