Multi-docs: Sharing best practices and avoiding cross-doc breaking


I’m building 3 documents in my own account, cross-doc-ed. The goal is for me to keep these documents as a template and to pass them on to my clients as needed.

Question 1 - Transfering docs to a client
Since making a copy of my docs and making the client an owner means I have to make the client an editor of my Workspace (and seeing all my documents), I’m thinking of sharing my docs:
Anyone with the link can copy → Share the links with the client → The client copies the documents to his own account (or I access his account and do it for him).
Would this be the way to pass the documents on to the client?

Question 2 - Avoiding cross-doc breaking
Once I’ve done this, I’ll have to rebuild all the cross-doc connexions and columns…
Is there a way to prevent this? @Scott_Collier-Weir @Paul_Danyliuk Do any of your packs solve this?


Hey @Filipa_Didier,

I made my pack Sync Tables Pro just for that. Your client can copy both docs and just swap the source of each cross-doc table to the one from their copy of the source doc. Same when any of the docs break: it’s possible to create another copy e.g. from the doc history, and relink to that one.

It lacks good docs but there are videos:

The only friction that there can be for your clients is that they have to pay for the pack now, as it’s a premium one. Not an awful lot ($3/maker/mo) but a friction nonetheless. However, the only really free option would be to build everything yourself on webhooks, as any other packs solving this issue are also premium IIRC.

Aside from that, I also made a pack to help automate doc distribution (copying, sharing, setting up etc). I haven’t really announced it because I meant to also build an ‘admin panel’ companion doc for that and launch the two together, but ultimately didn’t have time to finish that. Here it is:


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