Few questions about Doc sharing and pdf

Hi peeps!
First things first: I love Coda, but have a big general problem.
We work in the film industry and use Coda to improve our workflow and easily combine many things that we would otherwise need other paid programs for.
Our doc works great, but the biggest problem is sharing. And you know, sharing is caring
We have all projects in one document to have the clear overview. Right now it’s not possible to share just one single page without giving the client the ability to see the whole document, right?
Or is there a package or embedding option to make this possible?
To solve this problem right now, we create a PDF from the website and send it to the client. Not the best solution, but it works.
However, now there is another problem. When I download a PDF, often half of the website gets cut off and I have to go to the print option, shrink it and download it. This is not so convenient. Does anyone here know of any other solutions?

Best regards

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Welcome to Coda and the community!

There are some options:

  1. make use of the cross doc functionality provided by Coda. This allows you to share content from a table to another doc. Depending on your needs, you might need to set up your information in a canvas column, and share that via the table cross-doc.
  2. If the Coda functionality is not sufficient, the @Paul_Danyliuk has created a Pack that provides improved functionality.


Hey, thanks for your feedback!
I tried the cross-doc option, but it’s not as seamless as I’d like.
The pack sounds very interesting. Where or under what name can I find it?

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