Is there a way to connect 2 CODA documents?


I want my team to be able to create questions in a document i share with them and then have those questions get added in my personal to-do table ( a different doc) is this possible?

Do docs/tables created from template dynamically update when template changes -OR- Automation Rule to alert when new Packs are published

This is so very badly needed. We are spending a ton of time and resources on updating our shared client Coda based on our internal doc and vice-versa. Being able to share a table for example across multiple Coda’s would be incredible!


Hi @alex and @Ocean_School_Ecole_des_oceans,

We hear you on these requests. We’re working onproduct features that will make it easier to move data across tables in separate Coda docs. In the meantime, if you’e interested in tinkering with our API, we showcase how to set up a 1-way sync between two tables in our API getting started guide.



That would be another game changing! I would be able to connect several docs we are starting to use.


Have definitely been using the API and have been a fan of it, thanks! Just added in our onboarding process the other day, create onboarding coda doc from template (API) once the client pays initial project start invoice. Definitely appreciate that we can start automating even our document creating process.

Getting quite frustrated at times for highly volatile tables though which really just need to be 2-way synced. Even automating one way, it’s usually based on new row as that is the simplest trigger to work off of, but then dealing with updated row and pushing it to other documents, it starts to get really messy quite quickly.

Definitely looking to the Coda team on a native integration for sharing sections (beyond even just tables).

Keep up the good work team!


Using the API, is there a way to only sync items that from the source document that are tagged/filtered in a certain way?
For example, I have one big table on the source side which contains tracking for all my projects and clients. On the target side I have a table that I want to populate only with updates relevant to 1 client. Can I one-way sync using filtering or with a labeled group, or with items that have a specific checkbox? Is there any way to get this done?


Yeah, an easy way to do that is to use the query parameter of the listRows endpoint to filter down only rows matching the criterion. You can also just manually filter down the rows you get from the API and only sync those.


ok… something I am going to have to experiment with.
Would be good to have an example of something like this in the Coda API startup guide as well as I think this sort of thing is vastly more useful than just a full one-way sync


I agree with the value of this feature. We’re building out a reporting dashboard to see the results of multiple products. Right now, we’re separating them by types of metrics (ex. performance and engagement in one doc and build estimates in another doc). It would be great to have everything in a single doc, which is then layered up to the master reporting doc for the parent company.


Another vote for getting this feature in place. We are trying to use coda to track different customer implementation plans of our software. I want to create a master kanban view for tasks across multiple projects but as each project is in its own doc that isn’t possible today.


+1 for the feature. If I could query any section, table, function or control in another coda document that would open up a ton of opportunities. Would be ideal if I could also iterate over sections within a folder. Anything like this on the roadmap?

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+1 wanting to move away from Notion and into here, but both products have the problem of siloed docs. Google sheets does this with an importrows function, wondering if something similar can be implemented while you guys hash out the larger vision.

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+1 For this feature, of course.

However, as a huge proponent of this community I want people to not get their hopes set too high and to plan accordingly for a realistic outcome > If CODA provides cross-document syncing without using the API that would be an enormous accomplishment and something companies with 250 mil funding have not done. I’m not sure why, maybe this is an emergent property that breaks down big databases, or slows down their servers, or makes it vulnerable. Whatever the underlying tech reasons I would realistically expect:
-The ability to import data more easily from one doc to another, as a one time import/export
-The ability to copy and paste the view structure and formatting/filters of tables manually

Of course the holy grail would be across-document syncing, turning documents into local variables with select functions and tables becoming global, and again, google sheets did it, but it’s structure was so limiting, if coda does that kind of global linking it would be so much powerful given their data structures;

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I have several documents of the same type. But each document for a separate project. I would very much like to see information on all projects at once in one document, so that there would be an opportunity to evenly distribute the workload of employees between projects.


Dear @Tatiana_Ponomareva,

Welcome to the community :handshake:, great having you here.

I don’t know if you are aware that the “copy/paste” experience has been lately improved and why not to give it a try to put each of your projects on a section in your document and accordingly creating to tools / filters to get the data you are interested in.

Obviously I agree that connecting 2 Coda docs would be the ultimate experience, but…

Enjoy Coda,


Good day! How to make it so that when a table is deleted from a script, the rows from it in the target table are also deleted?

And the second question. How can you rename the name of the source table (not the document), so that it does not affect the script?


Thanks for the advice, but I figured out how to collect information from several tables from different documents :slight_smile: Now it remains to solve the problem with the name of these source tables …


And another question :slight_smile: When collecting data from different tables, how can I see in the target table, from which source table each row? Can I add a visible identifier to each row? goes to the Source Row URL to find out which table the row is - takes a lot of time when there are a lot of rows


Dear @Tatiana_Ponomareva,

It’s not exactly what you requested, but I suggest to click on the “open doc map” (Yellow marked), in the menu that opens you will be able to see the connections, controls and formulas in you document


Thanks for the answer, but this is not exactly what I need. I would like to see in a separate column the name of the document to which the source table belongs. for example,