How to create a two-way sync for Cross Doc

Hi everyone! I would like to know how can I create a two-way sync for my cross doc tables.

The process I am trying to achieve are the following:

  • When I add a new project on the List of Projects table on the Sample Doc , it will automatically be added on the Projects table on the Source Doc.
  • When I made changes (such as modifying or deleting) on the row on either Sample Doc table or Source Doc, it will be automatically updated.
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Hi @RC_A,

Thank you for posting on our Community. Currently the 2-way Sync for Cross-Doc is not supported, but we have taken down your request and shared it on our Feature Request list along with some others. We have also assigned your email to the request so that should the status change you will be notified.

You can update something with buttons currently, but I don’t believe that will help you with your particular request at this time. While I don’t have a firm ETA on this feature I know the team is working on it. I’m sorry I cannot provide a more concrete deliverable, but I want to thank you for providing your vote, and feedback which will certainly make Coda better as we continue to roll things out.

I hope you have a great rest of your day.

All my best,

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