Cross Doc Sync - Two way?

Hi guys,

I guess whatever I want is called two way sync.

This is my situation:

  • I have a table that has a status
  • When I click the button in that table, the status changes
  • I have used cross doc to have this table available in another doc
  • In that doc, I have added a button that pushes the above button in the original table

This works fine, however, the status does not automatically change in the synced table, meaning that the row just keeps sitting there with the wrong data (wrong status).

Is there a way to address this? It’s very frustrating and is limiting me in a lot of ways.

For clarity -> I’ve used cross doc as a security measure as I don’t want the user to have access to the original doc.

I really hope that security features and more sharing options are on top of Coda’s mind, I’ll gladly pay more for granular permissions or something of the likes. (e.g. having people work in the same doc, while not having access to some tables/pages)