Two-Way Sync in Cross-Doc Should Have Always Been An Option

I am seeing that two-way syncing in Cross-Doc is not currently supported, and that is a HUGE oversight with the Coda dev team. This is actually causing a pretty big problem in our tables because it’s looks like we need more product on the production side than we actually do. I don’t know another option for this at the moment.

The only option we have is to go in and manually cross off orders in our Source Doc that our production team is completing in our Cross-Doc. We shouldn’t have to do this.

PLEASE fix this issue and add this feature. Cross-Doc really has no value in our company until this is added. If our production team completes an order on the Cross-Doc, it should automatically show as completed in our Source-Doc. We should never have to go in and manually edit this on the Source-Doc side. That is defeating the entire purpose of the Cross-Doc.

Hey @Jessie_Roberson — just have a little patience :slight_smile:

Another option you have is this pack bellow by @Scott_Collier-Weir .

There are also free Webhook packs in the gallery that allows you to achieve the same result with a bit more effort.

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I would also suggest you to use this pack. I use it and don’t miss anything. 10x better than cross-doc and it’s even free!


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