[NEW PACK] Automatic 2 way sync

:raised_hands: Automatic 2 way sync between Coda tables is here!:raised_hands:

Many people, including myself, have endeavored to create a 2-way live and editable sync between coda tables in different documents.

The solutions presented previously, including by myself, have many fatal flaws:

  1. They require mapping of columns manually. So if you have a 100 column table, you have to map 100 columns.
  2. They require setups of webhooks to RECEIVE the 2 way sync request which both more work on the user to set up AND must be updated everytime columns change
  3. Its not scalable. When a user wants to ADD even a single column to their table, they must then update the actual button that maps column data over AND the webhook automation that catches that information in the second document

:white_check_mark: ENTER THE SOLUTION :white_check_mark:

I’ve created a pack that allows you to create an automatic 2 way live-sync between 2 coda tables in different documents AND:

Simply provide the pack a few bits of information such as the URLs to both Coda documents, the target table names to sync, and ID columns

This makes syncing even tables with 100s of columns a breeze

Need to add new columns to your tables? No biggie! The pack takes care of the logic, recognizes the newly added columns, and updates accordingly

Get the pack


Get the pack here:

Learn how to use it here:


Hi, then if I well understand…
The need of this kind of pack just reveal the impossible feature of just having “pointers” to an existing “object” of type “table” or “database”…
Then you needed to “sync” an existing database to another one duplicating everything???

Let’s say you have a database of 100 000 images in a “Doc” and want to access with read or write access then, by now, you only could do it duplicating it???

¿¿¿¿I am wrong isnt’it ??? ¿?¿¿¿???¿¿???
Isn’t it ?!



I would like to beta test this!

Honestly, Not sure what you are asking here. . . haha. want to clarify?

Amazing! Will send you some details via DM

Yes please, and thank you.

I’d love to try it out! Thanks

I’m keen to give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems incredible useful in general but especially for what we’re trying to do with Coda :grinning: Sign me up!

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Would love to give it a go!

I need this now. Please! I would be willing to buy the pack of need be.

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Yes please! Would love to test this.

Okay, looking great. Love to go for it

If you don’t already have enough testers, I would like to try it out as well!

sounds promising, keen to give it a try !

Absolutely, I would love to test this & feedback! Thank you for the invite :blush:

Very cool @Scott_Collier-Weir - I’d like to give it a go.

I would love to beta test this! :slight_smile:

souunds excellent…

ssign. me up for the beta

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Hi Dear @Scott_Collier-Weir !
Of course really interested, please count me in the beta test :slight_smile:

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