[NEW PACK] Automatic 2 way sync

Count me in!
Sounds like a dream come true.

Well, since you just answered on my reply in the community I feel obligated to give your pack a spin. So, please count me in. Very anxious to see how you have overcome everything we have run into so far.

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I’ve got a lot of interest! Hoping hoping to test a bit more today, get feedback from others, and publish for free tomorrow!

Hi, not clear enough?
Anyway, I have a big database with 80 000 rows and 9 columns that I can use to test your pack if you are interested…

If you need any particular tests, bench…
Just tell me…


Hey Scott, I would love to give it a try!

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would love to test it out, Scott

Hi Scott,

Sounds great!

Please count me in as well.


Definitely interested!

Hi Anthony,

In Coda, a doc is “self-contained”. Inside that doc, you can have many different views for what ever purpose you have, of a table. No need to “duplicate anything.”

However, there are scenario’s where one would like to share part of a document with other people. This is currently typically done using the Crossdoc pack. The down side of the crossdoc pack, is that the data cannot be (easily) edited in the destination doc.

Scott’s new pack gets around that problem.


Hi, yes…
I did perfectly understand it and my message was ironical.
I’ve made C++ programmation during years and I’m just very surprised to see all limitations I meet into this program.
In my cas I have several services and each services could be a different company.
Each “companies” share a few numbers of databases,
First I created those “services” into one single doc but I discovered after how easy it was to access all sites from the published ones. Users, named sometimes “clients” of one service (called sometimes companies) should not be able to access other Websites and then I created several docs, one for each services and a special one to put into everything shared by all others but…
I then discovered how difficult it is to access this shared doc !
For exemple the database containing all zip codes of Spain with all cities, streets etc are used by a service doing delivery…
I started to design the service with Notion as I thought it would be rapid en flexible, I was wrong:

I’m now trying with Coda but it’s not what I thought it would be too…

This delivery service need the zip code database but all others need it too.
It’s by now more than 60 000 rows with 9 columns but once in use people will create new row when they will enter theirs address etc…

Coda seems to be very slow when it’s time to display this database, can’t imagine how it will be after a few monts of being inline…

Then I think we should be able with no need to duplicate datas to access with read and write access pages or databases owned by other documents.
By now, the way to go seems to be duplicating thoses databases and making syncs…


Hello! It is amazing :open_mouth: i check this topic around every 2 month, i can’t believe it finally made by someone :smiley: If there is still place for beta testers, i would love to try it!

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Alright everyone!

:raised_hands: I have some exciting news :raised_hands: The pack has been tested and is PUBLISHED! You can find it here and install it in any of your docs today

The pack takes a very specific set-up, but once set up works forever no matter how many columns you want to sync!

Because of the more complex set-up, I’ve recorded a very thorough walkthrough on how to use the pack


Amazing job, @Scott_Collier-Weir . It’s a really cool pack.
Is there any type of data that it doesn’t sync? Rich text, list of text, images, files, list of images or files, ?


yes just got to know how to make it avaliable to yourself.

[quote=“Breno_Nunes, post33, topic:40438”]
[/quote] Since all my work constantly becomes erased or locks me out even. This is helpful to start where your credit will be still displayed and yet that person can not erase. Since I am a guest speaking anonymously.

Why Coda doesn’t create a way to reference objects in other docs across docs in a similar way that we reference objects within a document? It would make everyone’s life so much easier and seems to be the natural way this should work!

[Doc X].[TableY].[Column Z]


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