Is a two-directional Sync Table possible?

If I create a sync table from an API, the source data is not editable.

I think the best workaround I can create is to add an additional “Comments” column to the sync table and update the API when that column changes.

Is that the only solution? Is there any easier way to create what amounts to a true 2-way sync table?

I know Codas working at it and looking into it! Not now Can you create a two way sync. The best thing you can do is create a button which updates the source data so you can still edit that data from Coda



I see I can change a column to “Editable”. If I do that does that mean that column now never gets synced in either direction?

Yup. The moment you change a column editable, it’s static until you change the value yourself

Hi @Richard_Kaplan - You can learn more about the button approach that Scott mentioned on this page:

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