Can Coda and Mysql database sync together

Is there a way that we can integrate coda table with a database? where the database is the single source of truth of all the data? And the coda is more of the interface of the database? Where things in coda changed, the data in the database would be changed? When the data in the database change, it would also reflect in coda as well?

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I think you could accomplish this by building a Coda Pack with a sync table:

Sync tables take data from an outside source and make it available as a special type of table in Coda. You can then use custom actions along with that table to achieve a form of two-way sync:

Coda Packs can currently only make HTTP requests however, so you’d need to expose an HTTP interface to your database. Take a look through the docs, and feel free to book some time during office hours if you want to chat further.

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