Is there a way to connect 2 CODA documents?

hi Tatiana, how were you able to achieve this?

Hello! I did everything according to the instructions Is there a way to connect 2 CODA documents?
then instead of table names, put their ID, added a command that gives the name of the source document in a separate column and everything turned out :slight_smile:)
The screenshot shows the required columns for my script.
You can also add other columns that you go to see. Their names should coincide with the names of the columns in the source tables.


hey @Tatiana_Ponomareva how did you include the source table name? can you forward the code that you used? thanks!! :slight_smile:

+1 my vote for “accross doc relationship” feature:)


I’m currently working on a setup where there’s one admin doc (data source) and N individual docs (user dashboards), and I’m propagating changes using Zapier. It’s possible given that N individual docs are copies of one template doc, plus some Paul’s Signature Magic™ with helper tables, buttons, and automations.

I’ll make a write-up as soon as I have time for that :dizzy_face:


even Airtable has this problem with the inability to pull from one Base to another

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Apologies for this redundant comment, but after duplicating a common dataset between three documents, setting up all local references after the fact, and then manually updating everything for a handful of new additions today, even with the new copy-paste functionality, I just had to come here and add that this feature cannot come fast enough :upside_down_face:


Would love to know the best way to do this. I’m going to take a look at the API, but that requires a lot more work on my part than I’m really interested in doing.

Basically, I just want to be able to run Coda::GetDoc(MyDoc).TableName and then have all the nice features that I would expect when operating on a table (Coda::GetDoc(MyDoc).TableName.Filter()` etc.

If that means I need to ‘import’ the doc first (with a coda pack or whatever) for performance reasons I’m fine doing that. It’s just generally the case that I like to have multiple tabs open with relatively small, focused apps running in each tab, but then I want to reference the data of each of those tabs from the other apps.

I know this is really just a rehash of what others have said, but this thread needs another boost :wink:

@Paul_Danyliuk I look forward to your writeup.


Thanks for boosting this, @cnr.

An import pack would be an easier, better solution than Zapier.

@Paul_Danyliuk , I am interested in your write up – I think I know what you’re doing, though.

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All and @cnr and @BJL,

Just recorded a video tutorial on that:


:sunglasses: This may be of interest to you all: Sign up for Beta access to…Data from another doc AKA Coda Doc Pack

@alex @Ocean_School_Ecole_des_oceans @Philip_Johnson

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Ayyyy! Yesssss!

Thank you so much!

Thanks @BenDavis!

Excited to give this a spin! :raised_hands: