How to create custom in-doc templates?

Hi, Im trying to create a custom template and am having trouble figuring out how to do this. I thought this functionality must exist, instead of only being able to use the Coda published templates in-doc.

I am specifically trying to create a “meeting template” to be used in a running page of related meetings. As in, for each new meeting, the user does /new-meeting or similar while being able to see the last few meetings right below in the same page.

Does this make sense and are we able to create custom in-doc templates?



Hi @Adam_Kirsh,

Welcome to the community!

We get this request a lot and it’s something we do want to provide at some point, but I don’t have an ETA at the moment. We know this is a big want and we’re taking the steps needed to get there.

For now, the drag-and-drop templates are the Coda created ones. For custom ones, I’ve created a doc and added [TEMPLATE] to the name so I can search my templates easily. Then I copy and paste a table or template into the new doc.

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Update: I found it - you can change the duplication to “Duplicate data”, which shows up at the bottom of my screen when I press “duplicate” which solved my problem. (I hadn’t noticed it).

I tried to do that, but didn’t succeed. What happens is that when I “duplicate” the meeting doc, I get the new doc as a “view” - pointing to a single source of truth, i.e. the “original”. Which means all the information I put in one doc gets automatically updated in all others. Which I do NOT want.

I’d like to have an meeting doc, which structure I can copy (basically deselect “single source of truth/view”) and populate for any next meeting. Until now I have been using Google Docs, which means an easy Copy-Paste, but I’d like to switch our meetings to Coda. I just don’t seem to get around the “view” duplicate and I don’t want to reconfigure any single meeting.

What do I need to do to make this work? Thanks!

Update: I found this one too. Just put it as a subpage and then duplicate it. Then you can collapse them.

Follow up question:
Can I also duplicate it as part of a page?

I have now a template for a work meeting which we hold regularly. Over time I will have a longer list of meetings from subsequent days which I don’t want to clutter up my screen.

How can I collapse the previous meeting(s) which all have several standard blocks, so I can always focus on the current meeting? So I can have a list with March 1st, March 3rd etc. which are collapsible per date?

Hi Adam! We’ve got a formal feature that supports this now :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
Are there plans to allow generation of templates for Pages / sub-pages? for me this is a must, as most users will work within 1 doc.

Templates can be items you insert into a single page (or subpage), or a set of pages and subpages inserted into a new or existing doc.

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