Launched: Support for multi-page drag-and-drop templates

Since launching custom templates a few weeks ago, we’ve loved hearing about how they’ve helped your teams codify the rituals that make you successful. We also really value your feedback on how such a useful feature could be even better.

One resounding piece of feedback was that it’s delightful and convenient to add a single-page template to an existing doc, and that you’d love the ability to do the same for templates that are more than one page. Today, I’m happy to say you can!

Now, you can insert custom templates of any size or length into an existing doc. Of course, you can still start a new doc from any template as well.

Note that the first page of any multi-page template will be added to the page you insert it in (e.g., the page you dragged the template to or entered using the / command) or to the drop location in the page sidebar.

  • Any page nesting will follow the nesting relationships in the template. This means that if you add a multi-page template to a sub-page, no pages will go above the “level” of that sub-page
  • For templates with a single root page, all the content will map to the current page. For templates with multiple root pages, the pages of the template will be inserted as siblings of the current page.

We hope this helps you and your team do more of your best work, faster.


This is a game changer. Bravo!

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Hi, when I try to insert my custom template, I get a message saying that it’s disabled due to being bigger than 5MB. What do I do?

Hi Tomislav, thanks for the patience here! Did you end up getting your issue resolved? Otherwise, please write into our support via Intercom or at and we’ll be happy to help

I cut the size down. I don’t know if it would work with larger document or not. It would be great to know how the elements of a doc affect it’s size.

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Feedback noted! Being transparent about document size and the internal workings of the doc in general is definitely something on the team’s mind. Thanks for sharing your frustrations and feedback with the team!