Copy multiple lines from one table to another

Hello all,

this is my doc

I would like when I click on the button in the candidate table row to create rows in evaluation table where the candidat = username (this is ok with the thisrow.username) but I would like in fact create one row per records from evaluation criteria that match with the assessment in my candidat table.

I put a expected resutat just in case.

The cherry on the cake (but I do not know if it is possible) would be to create a subpage with name of username and the filtered view of result for this user. I think this will not be possible.

Hi @Alexandre_Husset,
you might want to share your doc (or give permissions: I asked for it) in order to look into.

Thank you!


I thought my doc was public :frowning:
It change the permissions and I hope it is ok now.

Hi @Alexandre_Husset,
I provided some basic implementation on your Doc.

Have a look and tell me if this is your desired output.


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great thanks a lot !!!

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