How to create default rows for a table in Coda?

Context: Trying to build a document to capture interview candidate feedback

Table Details:

  • candidate table has candidate contact details etc.
  • candidate_evaluation_criteria has 25 rows of data on various aspects on which we’d like to evaluate the candidate.

Both tables have a common column called team’ the team that is hiring for the role and the team the candidate application is assign to.

I am trying to get the following equivalent SQL output in a tabular format in Coda

Select candidate_evaluation_criteria.*, new columns to capture evaluation
from candidate
, candidate_evaluation_criteria
Where = “Interviewee_Name” (Coming from an interactive filter)
And candidate.Team =

Basically, when we are trying to interview someone, we’d like to select an interviewee name and the fields to capture evaluation should be created automatically.

Sample Desired Output

Anyone with suggestions for me?

Dear @kcp,

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One post, created by @Federico_Stefanato that contains the key elements is the following:

I will do my best to share a more tailored to your question solution in the coming days, remind me if …:frowning:

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Thanks, Jean Pierre. I will try the recommendation

Dear @kcp

Just a basic sample to get you and any community member interested in how to use info many times by creating unique duplication :