Cross doc and creating new rows in other documents

Hello again community!

At the moment I have a table in one document and a table in another. I’m trying to create a system where I can hit a button in the first table, it bundles up the information and creates a new row in the other docs table.

I believe I could achieve this with Zapier but would like to know if there is a solution in coda?

Many thanks,
Harry x

HI Harry,

My suggestion would be in your title: “Cross doc”

Set up a cross doc relationship between the two docs. (The second table would then be the object you transfer using the cross doc functionality.)
In the first doc, have the first table, do the work in the button, but then post it to the new table but in the same doc. Then the cross doc functionality will move the contents of the new table to the copy in the second doc.


Thanks for the quick reply Piet!

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