Dependencies in Gantt View


I already sent this suggestion and got a crazy fast reply from the team, I was very impressed. But wanted to see what the community thought.

When you create a gantt view you have an option to select a column of the table that has either “start” and “duration” values or “start” and “end” values to create the horizontal bar on the gantt chart. I think it would be awesome to have another option to select a column for dependencies. In that column you could link to other entries in that same table, even multiple entries, then the dependencies would be displayed on the gantt chart.

Would anyone else use this?



I don’t use the Gantt view that much but curious about the use case you’re describing. Are you referring to something like this?


@Dave_Seeman indeed, I subscribe to that. Dependencies are fundamental for a gantt chart! Otherwise we’d have to do a lot of manual work on complex projects. I don’t know how difficult would it be for Coda to have that implemented though. Did you got any idea or ETA from support in this regard?


I agree - that would be fantastic. Relatedly, it would be really nice if little lines could show up between boxes to indicate dependency relationships

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