Difficulty with dependencies + relational columns


I am trying to marry two sets of task data into a unified view, that gives clear picture of timeline and dependencies.

One set of tasks (dependencies) comes from JIRA
One set of tasks comes from another CODA doc that I’ve synced.

I’ve created a relational column between the two data sets successfully. However when I try to set up the timeline view I am unable to select the relation column as dependent column. And frankly the how to documents are no help at all. Does anyone have suggestions?

Can you share your doc (or a copy of it) so that I can attempt to understand and fix the issue?

Without the doc, it is difficult, but it’s likely you need to set the dependency NOT to the relationship column, but a column within the related record.

Imagine this:

Table Book has three columns (Title, Author, Release Date)
Table Calendar has two columns (Book (relates to Table Book), Promotion Campaign Date).

You can set up a timeline so that Promotion Campaign Date depends on Book.Release Date (NOT Book)

Meantime - try this:

Thank you so much for the sample. I’m afraid I can’t share the base tables because they contain sensitive company information. But I think my problem here is more fundamental in the way I tried to rollup the task and dependent task tables into a single view.

Maybe duplicate your doc but replace the sensitive data with sample data instead?

Thanks @David - got the answer from one of the CODA folks. The workaround was to create a modify/add row button in each row and then have an automation push the button.

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