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New user here.

I created a Task list. Now I want to move that into a timeline with dependencies. Is this possible, or do I have to start over with a new Task list inside the Timeline with dependencies component?

Definitely stick to one table, just create a new timeline view.

Is it not possible to import a task list into a timeline?

A toner line is just a view of a table. Like the detail, kanban or chart views.

That’s the beauty of Coda.

I’m sorry, but what does that mean? Can I import a Task List into a Timeline with Dependencies, or not?

Just create a view of your table and change it to “Timeline”-View.

There is no View option for Tasks lists.

Hi Mike,

On any view of your table, you can click on “Options” and select “Timeline” to view your info in a timeline format.

Next Coda will provide you with a dialogue box to assist you in setting up the start, and end dates that you want to use for the timeline view of your table.

There are several ways in which to create a view of your table, but the easiest is to type a /, followed by the name of your table.


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Aweome, thank you! Would NEVER have found this!

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Before you know it, you will be answering questions as well… :wink:

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