Timeline with dependencies

Hi friends
i Need to know how can i get this dependance like this in the picture (example)


what is the type of column dependance ??
and how can i see this dependancy in the timeline ?

hello, for the dependancy column use a select from this same table. All that’s left is to select this column for the timeline chart to see the links between them.

sorry i’m using coda for the first time
can you go step by step ??
actually i want to see the dependancy like this

Okay, I tried to keep it simple. But what you’re looking for isn’t necessarily the simplest way to start coda :wink:

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why did you use parentTask ?

i use the same table

Thanks you very much

i’m trying to make my gantt look better with coloring the tasks if status (in the table) = done then the color is bleu for example
but i get all the column changing color on bleu ! i want only in gantt ?

Yes, you can only do this on the timeline view.

Add the conditional color directly in the time line view and not in the table. Make sure that inherits format is not selected.

Make sure that inherits format is not selected??

i’m in the timeline view and adding a conditional formula and then ?

i Can’t find the inherited option :confused:

Exemple conditional format with status. And no inherits format with table.

this is weird ! i don’t have it ! all i have is this

If you don’t have it, you’re on the “original” table.

No problem. you can still set the terminals to green. look at the example.

Ok Then i will test it

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