Scheduling with dependencies

I currently work in the construction industry. There are a few main scheduling software (microsoft project, primavera) . I am trying to create a replica in Coda, has anyone done this?

The biggest thing I need is the ability for water falling of tasks. (Task B start date = Task A end date) (If task A end date changes, than Task B start changes)

I have a few ideas on how to do this but can’t get it work properly.

Hi @Erik_Andersson1

Also in energy construction field here, so familiar with that kind of stuff. are you talking about gant chart like that ?
Edit : better view :

Coda manages Timeline format. You can create your tasks with start/end date, create a multiple value dependencies column, and display it as Timeline. Finally you can use conditional formatting, for small project it works quite great.

For more complex project this is (for now I hope) a little bit limited. I’ve been working on custom svg Gantt chart like this.
Please let me know


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