Getting dates to fill properly with a task list with dependencies

Help! I hope I can describe this problem clearly enough to get the help I need. What I want is the following: a table of tasks, with a column of task dependencies that refer to those same tasks (easy, done). Each of those tasks will have a start date and a finish date. There is a slider in each row that sets the number of days budgeted for the task, so the finish date is just start + number of days (easy, done). Then I want a date picker (easy, done) outside the table, and those tasks that have no dependencies should be set to the start date set on the picker (easy, done). Now the problem! If there IS a dependency, then I want to set the start date to the date OF THE TASK IT DEPENDS ON plus the budgeted days OF THE TASK THE TASK IT DEPENDS ON. The problem, I think, is that I am writing a formula for planned start date that refers to planned start date (of another row, but still). I am not smart enough to figure out the work around.

Document can be seen at:

Hi @Andrew_Milne,
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I think you did a great job with your doc and - unless misunderstood your point - it seems you already sorted out the issue: from what I can see, the starting date of tasks are computed accordingly with their dependencies (i.e. one day after the planned end date of the task they depend on).
Am I missing something?

There is only a redundant column (test date) pointing at Planned end date, but I guess it’s for debug purposes.

Please, do let me know if you still need help.

Thanks so much for looking! Yes, it is functional. Right now I am reworking it with another approach that will allow multiple dependencies, thanks to some great help from Ben at Coda support.

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