Linking Dates from Various Calendars / Tables

Hello all, Ive just started using Coda coming from Notion, and trying to implement a kind of project management system for a few businesses Im a partner in.

Ive created several tables, with Projects > Tasks as the general structure. Im having trouble creating a NEW table, that ONLY pulls the dates from these various tables. Below is a quick video to explain.

Any advise would be appreciated!

Hi Omar,

Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you here.

My recommendation would be to have a single table called “events” or something similar. In that table you store event types, such as projects, tasks and requests.

The use filters to create your project view, task view, etc.

It lends itself to very flexible extension. For example, you can create an event type for birthdays. Or meetings. Or submission deadlines: taxes, sales taxes, company renewals, etc, etc.

You can even extend to events that do not have dates, for example project documentation. And for project documentation, you could consider a canvas column with a project documentation template.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

I would do the following:

  1. Create a unique Date Table.
  2. Add a calculated column that pulls data for each row (this.row) from other tables.
  3. Filter the table for any empty outputs.
  4. Change the view to Timeline.

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