Calendar view for multiple tables?

Is it possible to pull data from two tables into a single Calendar view?

I have separate tables for the official holidays list and for employee leaves. I’m trying to figure out if I can have a single calendar that shows events from both those lists. Maybe even add a company-wide events list to the mix. What do you guys think?


Dear @Ashish_Bogawat1,

Referencing you to this article: to understand my below reply and to keep things as simple as possible.

Both of your tables contain a similar type of information, “types of leave”, for that reason I recommend you to redesign your table to one table (just, copy paste :bulb:). Add to this table an additional column to be selected the type of leaves. ( you can add as many as needed)

Then you can create views of this main table where you can filter by person, type of leave or a combination accordingly to your needs.

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@Jean_Pierre_Traets I think that’s a good solution given Coda’s current capabilities, but I also think it would be great if Coda added support for @Ashish_Bogawat1’s schema.

Ashish’s schema makes sense because official holidays are quite a different type of record than individual employees’ time booked off. For example employee leaves would apply only to one particular employee, and might have other requirements like manager’s approval, etc. You could include official holidays in this employee leave table and just leave a bunch of columns blank for them, but I think it could lead to a lot of filtering & formula overhead in other areas of the doc.

Of course, because calendars are just another table view, it would put a lot of strain on Coda’s data model to accommodate something like having a calendar display multiple tables. Perhaps the solution is to recognize that calendar views are a special kind of thing (not just another table view) and allow the display of multiple tables within the same calendar (each with their own config parameters e.g. which column is the start date etc).


Dear @Nick_HE,

I understand your perspective and to my opinion the schema design should be updated and for example an additional junction table to be created to be able to serve the business logic. Coda has no limitations.

Let’s wait for input from @Ashish_Bogawat1 on the expectations and accordingly I will do my very best to come up with a solution.

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Thanks for your inputs, @Jean_Pierre_Traets & @Nick_HE .

In my specific case, I’m hoping to keep the tables separate because different people are responsible for maintaining the two lists. Although I can share the one table with multiple team members, it is not the ideal scenario.

Besides, I’m sure this is a fairly common use case, where data from multiple tables needs to be aggregated into one view. I understand it is complex, but will definitely add a lot of value.


One of Coda’s heaviest competitors, AirTable does allow for multiple different date fields to be shown in one calendar, though I don’t believe it can show from separate tables.

Can coda show multiple date fields in one calendar view if the fields are in the same table? I have not seen how.


@Ashish_Bogawat1 Another way you could achieve this, given Coda’s current limitations, is to have two different tables synced with a Google Calendar, while displaying that Gcal in a separate Coda Calendar view.


Hi @Alex_Onufrak ,

I can’t figure out how to push data from Coda to GCal. The Calendar pack only pulls data from GCal to Coda. Can you give me some more guidance?


Followng this thread.

So I guess the answer is no.