Is it possible to have a one calendar view with two tables?

Hi! Just wanted to know if it is possible now to have a one big calendar view in coda that contains two different tables with different columns?

So, I have a table for Projects and a table for Procurement. I want to see in one calendar the Target Start Date of a Project from Projects table, and the Order Date from Procurement table.

Is this possible?

Hi @RC_A, not really directly.

You should use an intermediate table, and display it within a calendar view.
Here is a short tutorial

You’ve got your 2 tables

Create a “Meta Calendar Table” like this. Source is either “Project” or Procurement

Using this button, in each click I will delete all rows from MetaCalendar, and add each row from project, then the same for Procurement, to populate a fresh version of MetaCalendar


Then just use conditionnal formating to quickly check the source of your event !

Have a look on this dummy document and let me know !

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This is really helpful. Thanks a lot for the tutorial @Quentin_Morel :purple_heart:
Finally my problem’s solved! :sweat_smile:

Be my guest !
With this logic, you can “send” any common data from different tables to a master table (we could imagine also “end date” to display in the calendar begin/end of the event).

Of course, this solution (without packs or techy stuff beyond Coda Formula Language) is absolutely not scalable. If you’ve 10 different tables to aggregate, you need to create 10 ForEach() formula inside your button (well, once you’ve done it, it’s finished !).

Also, deleting all rows from MasterCalendar is quite rough, you may want to use AddOrModifyRows(, ), checking only modified data to be updated.

But well, let’s say this is a good starting point :wink:

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Really appreciate your help here @Quentin_Morel ! And btw thanks for reminding me about the end date :sweat_smile: might add that now :smile:

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