Multiple dates in single calendar view

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I see a few other posts on this topic but can’t seem to translate them to my need. I have a table for equipment rentals with a rental start and end date, and a calendar view of that based on those start and end dates.

For each piece of equipment, there is also “transit time” when the equipment is being shipping out, or shipped back. I’d love to be able to show the transit time for each piece of equipment as well.

How can I get 3 different date columns (1. ship out start and end, 2. rental start and end, 3. ship back start and end) to show up in a calendar view?


Hey there! The only way to have this is to have all dates occupying their own row. There are two ways to go about this

1 Change your table architecture

Instead of having one big table with many columns, where each row represents a rental

Have two tables

  1. Orders
  2. Order Dates

The orders table will have top level data like person, equipment rented, etc. while the Order Dates table will be related to the orders table and hold all the dates.

It will have four main columns:

  1. Parent Order to which it’s related
  2. Type (rental, ship out, ship start)
  3. Start date
  4. End date

If you’re newer to coda, this would be creating the Order dates as a sub table of the orders table. Here’s a concise yet thorough walkthrough of how to set that up!

2 Custom Pack

If you do not want to change How your tables are architected, you could create a custom pack to queries all those different columns, and generates a new table, similar to what it described with order dates.

This wouldn’t be my recommended method, but it’s definitely possible. If you know how to code and you know Codas api it’s an hours worth of work to get it up and running! So not too bad

Thank you, Scott. I’ll try this 2 table approach - thanks for the link to the video!

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@Scott_Collier-Weir - your suggestion on setting up the Order Table and Order Dates table worked perfectly. I was able to set up the Order Dates as a sub-table, and now my calendar shows the multiple date types! My only small hiccup is conditional formatting. I try to set the conditional formatting colors by date types (transit to renter, rental, transit from renterand it shows correctly on the order dates table. In the calendar view, even though I tell it to inherit conditional formatting from the Order Dates table, it does not. When I set up the conditional formatting separately, that also doesn’t seem to take. It’s not mission critical… a nice-to-have. But any ideas what might be going on here?

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When you set conditional formats, for them to show up in the calendar view, the format must apply to the display column specifically. What columns do you have those colors applying to? Maybe double check that

That was helpful. In the end, I decided to make a display column that concatenates the equipment+type+company so that it all displays in the calendar which is more helpful than a formatted color.

Thanks so much for your guidance, @Scott_Collier-Weir !

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