Reference to multiple occurences of an event in a calendar (multiple dates for an event)

Hey all,

I have a big table of events happening during an festival.
I want to create a schedule of those events with some things repeating on different days (and at different times).

I mean for example when @event01 happens July 01, July 03 and July 07 ?

How can I do that in the most effective way ? Knowing that Coda does not yet seem (???) to support multiple dates per table row.


Dear @Rolando_Guerrieri

I recommend to have a look to this template to see if this solution will help you out

Hey @Jean_Pierre_Traets , thank you for chiming in.
Unfortunately I don’t see how this template can help me. In this doc, each event (i.e. row of the Schedule table) happens only once and has its own time. Therefore there is no issue to display it in the calendar. If you have an event repeating, you have to enter a new line with the same title for each repetition.

What I meant is to have only ONE row with the appropriate title and multiple dates related to that one row/title.

The Calendar only uses one column for Date, so in order to have things display multiple times you need individual rows for each instance.

What you can do is use two tables, one for events and one for dates, so you’re able to list multiple dates for a single Event.

This sample may help you start. Listing all dates is pretty straightforward. The main struggle here was the input method… took a while to figure out the action formula to update the Schedule with the dates you type in. Good thing Coda has a built in date parser!

Than you @Dalmo_Mendonca for having a look at this !
I am not sure I understand it all especially with the complicated formulas you wrote for the buttons. I will definitely check though since I will probably learn from this. Thanks !

In the meantime, I think I can do with the following simpler solution.

I create the schedule directly in the Calendar table and reference the dates back in the Events table.

Still have the following two problems:
A. Dates recalled in the Events table are by default in the US format and I would like either European or ISO format. I tried the format function, even trying to use a workaround with the concatenate function but nothing works.
B. When there are multiple events the same day, they appear in the calendar’s grid view as Event B + 2 for example instead of Event A, Event B and Event C on 3 different lines to see them directly. Any workaound that ?

Thank you !!

A That’s really curious. The lookup should copy the format from the Calendar table, but it seems it only works if you set Date as display column… Anyway since you have a list of dates, you need to use FormulaMap to be able to apply Format:

[Calendar (list view)].Lookup(Events, thisRow).Date.FormulaMap(Format("{1}/{2}/{3}",CurrentValue.Day(),CurrentValue.Month(),CurrentValue.Year()))

B For that you need a new line for each combination of date/event.

haaaaa super cool @Dalmo_Mendonca !! thanks
FormulaMap work perfectly ! I didn’t know about it
And yes it’s weird the date format is not retained
Really, date format should be available as a preference for the whole document.

That’s what I expected. Too bad :-/