Create rows for each event in table from calendar import

Hi, what’s the best way to create a planner list from a calendar import?

I’ve used the Coda Google Calendar pack to import my calendar where each row is a date and it imports the events for that day. However some days can have multiple events whereas I want each event to be a separate row.

What’s the best way to split each event into a new row? Thanks

Hey @Jonathan_Richardson! If you use the Google Calendar pack’s Events table, it should populate with each event as its own row, regardless of date. If you have it in calendar view, it will show each event listed in the appropriate day. Hope that helps clarify.

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Thanks I was using the Calendar as a formula in another table, using the Events table was better

hi @Jasmine_B unfortunately that isn’t working well for me. I can’t add the Google Calendar Events to my existing task table as it only seems to work (and show options) when I use the Events template.

Trying to add rows to my main table doesn’t work as the Add rows function in the Button merges all my events into one row regardless of how many rows there are in the Calendar events table.

I can use ForEach() to add one column (the Event Summary) but I also need the date and some other columns added. I’ve tried searching but there’s no clear guide on Coda for adding multiple rows via a button.

Hey @Jonathan_Richardson , I’d recommend reaching out to support directly so we can take a look at your doc. You can reach support at or using the question mark at the bottom right-hand corner of the page when you’re logged into Coda :grin:

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