How to add Google Calendar events to a table with Automations

Hi, I’m using Coda to plan tasks and manage roadmaps for our team.

I’m displaying a “master” task list in a Gantt view.

I also sync a calendar using the Google Calendar pack into a events table. This one I display in the calendar view.

I thought it would be nice to have the calendar events also displayed in the Gantt view and I want to add them from events to task list using automations.

However, using “When: row changed” and “Then: add or modify row”, a new event in Google Calendar is added twice to task list .

Any idea on how to fix that?

The filter field in the “Then” part of your automation is where you set what rows are to be modified instead of added.

The Id you show in “Column 1” in your table might be a good column to use for this filter. If the Id’s match, edit the row, if they don’t match, add a new row.

Also, if the “Events” table is a working table, this automation will fire every time there is a change anywhere in the table, which might be a lot. I have similar setup for my meeting notes but I use a button instead. I could set an automation to push this button every hour or once a day. The disable field for the button will keep it from getting pushed every time.

Worked, thanks for your help!

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