Add a row => Call Google Calendar pack

Hi !

I have an issue, I’m searching a good solution.

I’m using the Google Calendar Pack.I have a table for “Lessons” and when I create a lesson, I want to create an item in my google calendar thanks to the pack.
I’m trying to do that with automation but I have two issues. I precise that I’m creating a new line in my lessons table and fill the row :

  • First, since I’m changing multiple fields in my lesson “row”, the automation is called multiple times, creating the google calendar multiple times before the field “Google Calendar” in my lesson row is filled.
  • Secondly, I’m not sure I can do the RefreshTable in the automation.

The solution I use right now to workaround is that I have a few text/select/date fields to create my lesson and a button who does the lesson row creation and call Google Calendar Pack.

The other solution I imagined would be a field in the lesson row that I put to true when I call the Google Calendar Pack the first time, so I won’t call it again (because it would be filtered by that field).

Hi, here’s my method. In my appointment table I have 3 buttons :

then I have an form and an automation that clicks on add when a form is sent.

That’s it for the creation, then you can automate the update by clicking on update (MàJ Gcal) when certain fields are modified.

Hi Math ! Thanks but I want my event being created in the google calendar when I add a new row in the table.

I already work with that kind of buttons now.

I think I’ve got a lead. Adding a row in my google calendar would solve the “duplication” problem, but the actual version of the Google Calendar Packs doesn’t work fully in two ways sync (you can update but not yet create).