Google Calendar pack - add event formula

I’m trying to add events from an “helper table” to the pack’s synced table and add a relation to the corresponding client to the event in the sync table.
I’ve used a button with the following formula and the event is added fine but the last action of the formula (the one that adds the client relation) does not work.
I’ve also tried separating the actions into two buttons: one to add the event and refresh the synced table and another one with just the last action of adding the client relation. If I push the first button and than manually push the second button it all works fine but when I try to take the same exact formula from the second button and run it as the last action in the first button - the event is added but without the relation to the client.

Here is a quick screen recording to better explain the issue:

I would appreciate the help.

[add meeting].Results,
[Google Calendar]::CreateEvent(
[User’s private Google Calendar account],
thisRow.[Meeting Summry],
thisRow.[Start Date],
thisRow.[Start Date] + thisRow.Duration,
RefreshTable([DB Meetings Google Cal] ),
[DB Meetings Google Cal]
[DB Meetings Google Cal].Url = thisRow.Results
[DB Meetings Google Cal].Clients,

Update - found a solution.

All I had to do is use the Delay pack to add a 5 second delay in order for the Gcal pack to sync.

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