Update: Change to UpdateEvent action in the Google Calendar Pack

The Google Calendar Pack now lets you update your calendar’s event information without re-syncing the entire table. To make this possible, we modified Google Calendar’s UpdateEvent action to return the event to its results column, rather than just the event’s URL.

What this means for makers

This small change has a broader impact on two-way functionality in the Google Calendar Pack. Before the update, changing a meeting title in your sync table and clicking the UpdateEvent action would only update the information in your Google Calendar. You’d need to refresh the sync table for the info to update in your doc. With the UpdateEvent improvement, event info will simultaneously update in your Google Calendar and your doc.

If you see an error message…

Because UpdateEvent now returns an object instead of a string, some makers may find an error message in formulas dependent upon the results column.

To solve this, modify the formula to reference the URL within the object that the UpdateEvent action now returns.

For example, if your dependent formula looked at ResultsColumn expecting the event URL, the dependent formula should now reference ResultsColumn.Url to achieve your desired result.

If you have additional questions, please let us know at support@coda.io.


This will be extremely useful, thank you so much and nice work!

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Now that it returns an object, shouldn’t the Google Calendar Event Column Type also accept an object instead of a Url?

Pack formulas (including column formats) can’t accept objects as input (but I really wish they could! :pray::pray::pray:)

I think you just totally broke my archive of lunch and learn videos. It looks as though loading the calendar has deleted all the content I’d set, and used as a workaround to do 2 way syncing. :frowning:

Hi Jeremy, could you reach out to support@coda.io and we can take a look at what might be happening with your doc? Thanks!

Nick – what’s the use case you’re looking at for taking in objects to Pack columns?


I have tried changing the formula and referencing the gEvent and also gEvent.url but it always gives me this error message.

Any Hint?

Hi @GiacomoPasini, usually a 404 with Google Calendar means the account you’re using with the formula doesn’t have access to that particular calendar event, or the event has been deleted. Can you double-check the account you’re using to fetch that particular event?

I have checked, the account it’s the same that I use to create the event, the event I am referring to make the updates it’s the GCal Event pulled from the pack. I can create the event, I used to update the event with another button, now after the change it doesn’t work anymore

@GiacomoPasini mind reaching out to support@coda.io so we can follow up in detail and maybe take a look at your doc? It’s probably something subtle then. The only change was that the UpdateEvent returns a complete event object now instead of just the event’s url, the change itself wouldn’t cause 404s, so it’s probably an issue with getting the right entity id or url from the object to perform your followup action.

Same problem here. I can add and delete, but not update. The “Update event” button doesn’t update anymore.

I thought a workarounk by making my button delete the event I want to update and create a new one with same info, and then updating the link. But maybe that’s just a fix to the symptoms and not the root problem.

Hi @Sebastian_Zegada! Would you mind reaching out to Coda Support? You’ll be able to share your doc privately and we can take a look at the specific reason why the button may be failing. Thanks!

Sure, I’ll do that.

Thanks @JonathanGoldman,