Google Calendar UpdateEvent Error

I’m having great trouble getting the UpdateEvent action to work. I followed the thread here:

And am able to use the template here:

However, if I make the events full day (i.e. I add the isAllDay option to the buttons and set it to true), I am only able to update the event once before it throws an error.

Are you updating the “Return Value” when you create AND when you update the event?

For whatever reason, the update button fails if you don’t re-update the return value for it each time. The returned URL can be the exact same and it still matters.

Yes; I’m using your template exactly except changing both buttons to set the event as all day. Specifically, both the create and update buttons both modify the url column (i.e. their return value is written into the url column).

Okay, I’m getting that error on my test setup too. I don’t have a solution at the moment.

I’ll add this to our tracker and see if we can look into it.

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