Error message when trying to set Gcal color for all events: Google Calendar - Update Event failed - Connect to Google Calendar to use

Hi everyone,

I discovered Coda only recently, and was trying to get my head around it but without success.

I synced my calendar but whenever I am clicking the “Set Gcal color for all events” button I get this error: Google Calendar - Update Event failed - Connect to Google Calendar to use.

I feel like I am missing something. Is there a tutorial or video explaining how it works properly?

Also, I have for some reason 8 uncategorized events, even though I’ve done that.

Appreciate any insights.


Hi Rahmi

Welcome to Coda! Coda is slightly different than most other products out there, but I am certain that you will quickly get into the Coda swing of things - it gets easier very quickly.

For your question, please check whether you are correctly signed in:

Often this is the cause.

If you have any further questions, please shout, there are numerous people in and out the community that are willing to help.


Hi Piet,

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and your help with this.

Yes, it’s very different compared to tools I am using daily.

However, this colour coding tool was recommended by my mentor’s mentor. :man_student:

I could manage to find those settings in the screenshot, and choose my Gcal account again.

But to be perfectly honest, I still do not exactly know how to utilise the tool as intended.

When I click “Set Gcal color for all events” I get the message → No action taken

And I still see 6 uncategorized events.

If anyone could help a beginner out, I’d be very grateful. :pray:t4:

Many thanks,


Looks like there’s no further help? :smiley: