How to: Complete Tasks from Google Calendar?

Hi there!

There is a coda doc that I have connected with my google calendar.
I can add ‘to do’s’ into my calendar with a click.

Now I want to easily complete these ‘to do’s’ in coda from my calendar.
I was thinking about changing the color in google calendar of the task to ‘grey’
And coda changing the checkmark to ‘true’

Would this be possible?

If coda can’t read color codes from google calendar, an alternative would be:
By clicking the button and adding a ‘to do’ to the calendar. It does so from an other google account and sending my main account an invite to join. If I accept this invite the ‘to do’ will be put to completion; ‘true’ in coda.

Would love to know if anything like this is possible. Let me know your thoughts :smiley:

Best regards,