Click and drag tasks to a google calendar

Hi There,

I have been building my personal OS in Coda and would love to use Coda to manage time block activities effectively.

I am currently syncing my Google calendar events to Coda but have my to do tasks in a seperate table within Coda. Ultimately I would like to drag and drop the Coda to do’s to the appropriate daily view, changing the duration of the to do task to align with the available time in the calendar, and syncing back to the calendar.

Has anyone else created this type of functionality? Is it even possible?

Looking forward to your amazing feedback as always.

Thank you :pray:

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Hey Andy! I believe this might be possible when you enable two-way sync for the Google Calendar Pack. This isn’t a use case I’ve tried myself, but seems in line with what the Pack can do. Can you toggle two-way sync on and give it a shot?

You can read more about two-way sync here: Sync data with Pack tables | Coda Help Center

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