Trying to directly sync Google Calendar with a calendar in coda

So I have yet to find an easy way to directly have all my google calendar events listed in coda and vice-versa. It doesn’t really seem possible.

I can manually push events to google, or fetch specific events, but I can’t have it “sync” my google calendar to my coda calendar database.

I tried using Zapier, but it is just creating an infinite loop because I want it to go both ways. and I cannot prevent it from re-fetching events it just made.

The only way I see it as able to work right now is just to have it go one way.


Hi @Leslie_Amador did you ever get a response?

We don’t have real time sync between the two at the moment.

As Zapier has a circular dependency you could work around by

  1. Doing an hourly sync from Google Calendars to Coda using the Calendar pack and a button as detailed in this article - Pulling in data from Google Calendar
  2. Having a new table where you enter new events in Coda and a button that copies it over to your calendar only if the item does not exist is a duplicate and triggers Zapier to add it to GCal.

I know a little convoluted but doable till we get to it.


Is there a plan to add calendar sync?




Do you plan to add calendar two-way sync ?

Hi, how is this going?

@Albert_Leonhart request packs table access here:

Allows you to easily create a sync between G Calendar and Coda. I’m using it, although not extensively. I’m sure with some trial and error you can get it to fit your needs.